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  1. Keyword: "small business phone and internet providers", Adwords CPC: 519.89 USD.
  2. Keyword: "small business internet security", Adwords CPC: 491.72 USD.
  3. Keyword: "landline phone service for business", Adwords CPC: 442.62 USD.
  4. Keyword: "best small business phone and internet service", Adwords CPC: 437.97 USD.
  5. Keyword: "the best phone for business", Adwords CPC: 433.58 USD.
  6. Keyword: "business telephone supply dubuque", Adwords CPC: 422.54 USD.
  7. Keyword: "telephone and internet service for business", Adwords CPC: 398.66 USD.
  8. Keyword: "best phone and internet service for small business", Adwords CPC: 374.55 USD.
  9. Keyword: "voip phone business", Adwords CPC: 356.67 USD.
  10. Keyword: "business broadband provider", Adwords CPC: 348.73 USD.
  11. Keyword: "business to business calls", Adwords CPC: 344.47 USD.
  12. Keyword: "business phone service providers in my area", Adwords CPC: 344.25 USD.
  13. Keyword: "phone and internet providers for small business", Adwords CPC: 335.01 USD.
  14. Keyword: "internet business services", Adwords CPC: 333.82 USD.
  15. Keyword: "best mobile phone for small business", Adwords CPC: 312.8 USD.
  16. Keyword: "small business communications", Adwords CPC: 309.54 USD.
  17. Keyword: "small business wireless", Adwords CPC: 308.61 USD.
  18. Keyword: "best landline phone service for small business", Adwords CPC: 302.3 USD.
  19. Keyword: "business phone system options", Adwords CPC: 299.6 USD.
  20. Keyword: "internet service providers for business", Adwords CPC: 295.95 USD.

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